Contact Details

Head of Department

doc. Ing. Petr Novák, Ph.D.

Head of Department TEL:+420 576 032 512 Mobile:+420 737 276 570 E-mail: pnovak@utb.cz Office:U2/540

Department Secretary

doc. Ing. Boris Popesko, Ph.D.

Vice-Dean for Research and Business Liaison TEL:+420 576 032 504 Mobile:+420 734 281 598 E-mail: popesko@utb.cz Office:U2/233


Secretary of Department of Enterprise Economics TEL:+420 576 032 584 E-mail: upe@fame.utb.cz Office:U2/539


prof. Ing. Jaroslav Belás, Ph.D.

Head of CAEV TEL:+420 576 032 418 E-mail: belas@utb.cz Office:U2/428B

Associate Professors

doc. Ing. Roman Zámečník, Ph.D.

Associate Professor TEL:+420 576 032 528 E-mail: zamecnik@utb.cz Office:U2/530

Senior Lecturers

Ing. Ján Dvorský, Ph.D.

Senior lecturer TEL:+420 576 032 503 E-mail: j1dvorsky@utb.cz Office:U2/531

Ing. Zuzana Vaculčíková, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer E-mail: vaculcikova@utb.cz Office:U2/533

Ing. Ludmila Kozubíková, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer TEL:+420 576 032 528 E-mail: kozubikova@utb.cz Office:U2/530

Ing. Karel Slinták, Ph.D.

Senior lecturer TEL:+420 576 032 503 E-mail: slintak@utb.cz Office:U2/531

Ing. Bc. Šárka Papadaki, Ph.D.

Senior lecturer TEL:+420 576 032 505 Mobile:+420 734 640 343 E-mail: papadaki@utb.cz Office:U2/532

Faculties and departments

Faculty of Technology

Faculty of Management and Economics

Faculty of Multimedia Communications

Faculty of Applied Informatics

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management


University Institute


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