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Department of Business Administration

About the Department

“Dreams Today, Skills Tomorrow” is the motto of the Department of Business Administration, which focuses on development of skills that help make your dreams come true. The available Bachelor’s programme is Business Economics and Management. The acquired knowledge can be further developed in the Master’s programme in Enterprise Economics which also offers the specialization in Tourism.
We help our students implement their ideas and visions. Do you plan to establish and lead a company of your own but you do not know how to do your best? If that is the case, we offer many courses, e.g. Business Academy Courses in which you can have the possibility of working with people. And who knows? You may start your own business. You will be lectured by our specialists who have practical experience with company management and business in general. Therefore, you will gain knowledge from people on the right place and get contacts which are always important in the world of business. Do not miss your chance to set up your own enterprise or start your career of a successful manager. Even if your dreams are different, we can still help you achieve them. During your studies at our university, you will gain complex and practical knowledge of economic management of enterprises in the current business environment.
Every year, we encourage our students to actively participate in the Students’ Scientific and Expert Activities (SVOČ) which aims to uncover the hidden potential of our students in the area of science. Our portfolio of courses offers a comprehensive business, marketing and procedural education. The extent of the education provided is an ideal preparation for our students to be able to succeed in leading positions in all types of companies.
“Good business economics – better workplace, higher profits”

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