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International Membership


The Faculty of Management and Economics is a member of the SPACE Network (Space European Network For Business Studies and Languages), which has been growing to reach a membership of about 90 higher education institutions in 30 countries from Europe. A great emphasis of mutual cooperation is placed on Business, Language and Intercultural Communication, Hospitality & Tourism Management. The network activities are focused mainly on Bachelor’s and Master’s education with the aim of developing a spirit for quality in teaching and a commitment for research. For more information please go to


The Faculty of Management and Economics is also a member of the Nice Network (New Initiatives and Challenges in Europe), which comprises 35 partner institutions that are located in the Enlarged Europe, North Africa and Asia. The Faculty as well as other members of this network are highly committed to the Bologna and Lisbon conventions and have signed a Quality Charter which ensures that all members accept and implement the ECTS quality standards in their institutions. Membership of the network provides conditions for student and staff exchange, joint projects and programmes. Further details are available at


Another network of which the Faculty of Management and Economics is a member is the Cranet Network (Cranfield Network on International Human Resource Management), which is composed of 40 collaborating universities and business schools. Furthermore, the network is the acknowledged leader in all aspects of international human resource management, both theoretical and practical, with a distinguished reputation worldwide. It disseminates research findings through newspapers, practitioner press, academic journals and books, through conferences and seminars and in teaching. To learn more about the network please visit

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