Tomas Bata University in Zlín


What Do We Offer?

We carry out analyses, studies and background research according to particular specifications:

  • Macroeconomic development of a company and economic environment in the CR
  • Financial management and productivity of a firm, implementation of concepts and tools for productivity control (BSC, EVA, business process management, controlling and other), sphere of banking and insurance business, implementation of international accounting standards, stock market trading, currency risk management
  • Marketing research, latest marketing trends, customer relationship management, proposals for ethic codes, motivation and personnel management projects
  • Diagnostics of competitiveness, modelling and planning of material flows, application of industrial engineering methods
  • Processing of the programmes and strategies for the development of villages, towns and regions; demographic and regional analyses
  • Statistical data processing, assessment of questionnaire surveys, statistical quality control
  • We cooperate with the Centre for Applied Economic Research in the sphere of measurement of productivity of firms and clusters, management in healthcare, corporate social responsibility, use of benchmarking and knowledge management for the management of organizations
  • We organize international as well as national conferences (e.g. Bata’s Legacy to Europe – Responsible Innovations; National Cluster Conference; Finance and the Performance of Firms in Science, Education and Practice, International Bata Conference for PhD Students and Young Researchers, etc.)
  • We provide expert counselling
  • We mediate practical training and internships
  • We organize training courses within Corporate Education and within Lifelong Learning (educational programmes simulating accredited degree programmes).

Faculties and departments