Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Department of Regional Development, Public Sector Administration and Law

About the Department

Let us introduce our department which can provide you with experience and knowledge from fields such as regional sciences, public administration, administrative law and regional economics. We would like to introduce you our topics such as public policy reforms, mainly cultural, social and regional ones in connection with legislative questions and trends in public administration. At our department, we also focus on the spatial analysis using geographical information systems, which significantly help us make the presentation of our products to public administration staff and politicians themselves easier. Last but not least, we must not forget the analysis and evaluation of impacts of the European integration on development of our regions.
Cooperation with business and industry is essential for us. We mainly share experience and participate in contracts for the Statutory Town of Zlín, the Zlín Region and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Our team has been gradually expanding thanks to professionals from the sphere of business and industry joining us, who are ready to share their personal experience in project management, the authorities’ activities of villages, regions, micro regions and in the field of cross-border cooperation as well as of euro regions.

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