Department of Industrial Engineering and Information Systems

About the Department

The motto of our department is: “Step out of your shadow and share with others for the welfare of your company and customer.” We introduce a modern department to you which focuses on a very popular combination – design and management of industrial companies. By using appropriate methods, we combine technology, management of processes and industrial solutions for setting up, improving and upgrading manufacturing and administrative processes. In the Bachelor’s degree programme in Production and Quality Control, our aim is to produce experts aware of key methods for planning and production control as well as processes improvement. Next, Master´s degree course in Industrial Engineering opens new horizons to students in the area of modelling and simulation of production processes, advanced digital production technologies, quality control, teamwork, innovations and in last years, also the concept INDUSTRY 4.0. Every year, both programmes provide industrial companies with many innovative and creative students who gain their knowledge and practical experience right during the projects in industrial companies throughout the Czech Republic.


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