Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Department of Industrial Engineering and Information Systems

About the Department

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Information Systems is a modern department following the motto: „ Let´s make smart people being able to make smart systems “. Even Mr. Tomas Bata proclaimed in his time that he was not working on the company, but on a human being who would be able to establish the company. Following the ideas of Tomas Bata, people are our priority, too. A smart person makes changes, improvements and moves things forward …

Within our study programmes, we combine technology, management of processes and industrial solutions in order to set, improve and upgrade manufacturing as well as administrative processes. The Department of Industrial Engineering and Information Systems is a guarantor of all three levels of university education in the field of Industrial Engineering. In the Bachelor´s degree programme of Industrial Engineering, we prepare the specialists having knowledge of the key methods for planning and production control as well as improvement of processes, project management, quality management, working with people and related economic aspects. The follow-up Master´s degree course of Industrial Engineering opens new horizons to students in the area of modelling and simulation of production processes, advanced digital production technologies, quality control, teamwork, innovations and in the last years, also the concept INDUSTRY 4.0. Every year, both programmes provide industrial companies with many innovative and creative students who gain their knowledge and practical experience right during the projects in industrial companies throughout the Czech Republic. From 2019, students can also apply for studies in a newly established Doctoral study programme of Industrial Engineering. By doing so, they will develop their knowledge in the field of study into scientific and research activities. They will also have a chance to cooperate closely with the department members, mainly on scientific and research projects on the national as well as international level, participate in professional and scientific conferences, meet important specialists in the field and, therefore, broaden their knowledge.

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