Tomas Bata University in Zlín

How to study

Why Study at the FaME?

  • Learn from the best. Where to find a better place to absorb the basics of modern management than in the city of Tomas Bata?
  • The programme intended for talented students offers even more knowledge, experience and skills to active students beyond their studies.
  • Do you plan to do business in the future but you still do not know how to grasp it? At FaME, we offer the course of Business Academy. Experts from business and industry, who have had extensive experience with doing business, teach in this course.
  • You can meet top managers of successful companies during the lectures, workshops as well as in the companies and work hard.
  • At FaME, you will have a chance of interconnecting theory with practice and take part in many internships at our partner companies’.
  • There are fully optional schedules available for students at the FaME.
  • You will enjoy a friendly atmosphere, individual approach and a professional as well as team spirit.
  • Zlín is a cultural city having student life, an interesting architecture as well as greenery, and offering a wide range of entertainment and possibilities for spending your free time.
  • At FaME, you can expect studies using modern methods of tuition, respecting history and roots in combination with the latest world trends.
  • You may participate in student organizations such as Friends For Business, Student Accounting and Tax Office, Student Union, AIESEC or Buddy System Zlín.

Faculties and departments