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Interconnecting economic theories, meeting important personalities and a close cooperation with business and industry create a unique value of study at the Faculty of Management and Economics /FaME/ and provide its students with good education which meets requirements of these days.

The faculty offers studies in Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral programmes.
When studying at the FaME, you have a unique opportunity to be educated in the field of business and gain practical experience right from the experts working in several different companies. You will have the opportunity to team up with professionals from various fields and directly collaborate with them. Not only will you be prepared for the world of business, you can also start your own business and projects during your studies.
In addition to the degrees mentioned above, in parallel you can receive an internationally accepted BA/MSc. degree from the University of Huddersfield, the Business School.
The courses at FaME are held in Czech and English and you can meet many students from abroad here. The faculty is involved in international projects so you can also spend a part of your study at universities in EU and worldwide within the projects Erasmus or Freemover. Foreign excursions are available to all FaME students.
For the FaME, the employability of graduates in business and industry is very important. Therefore, each student may actively participate in various practical projects, cooperate with companies and take part in internships in renowned companies such as Continental Barum, Bata, Deloitte, UniCredit Bank and many others.
It is possible to attend the Firms and Competitiveness course led by Professor Michael E. Porter in the Master’s Degree programme which is held in cooperation with Harvard Business School, USA. The lectures at the FaME are held by a number of renowned economists such as Professor Milan Zeleny who also gives lectures at Fordham University in New York and Ing. Petr Zahradnik, a macroeconomist. The lectures and workshops led by experts from business and industry are a part of our faculty’s life.
The FaME offers a programme for talented students where the students who are interested can gain much more knowledge, experience, contacts and practical skills beyond their study. The schedules are fully optional and it is also possible to study the course units in English.
Educational methods at the FaME follow modern patterns of education and they also emphasize the respect for history and roots in combination with the latest world trends.

Students can join many student organizations such as Friends for Business, The Student Accounting and Tax Office, The Union of Students, AIESEC or Buddy System Zlín and others. The students themselves prepare team building excursions for newly accepted students before the start of the first semester.
For more than 21 years of our existence, we have had more than 13,000 graduates, specialists in economics and management, finance, public administration or industrial engineering. Every year, the FaME ranks first among schools of economics in the Czech Republic.
Choose FaME and be FaMEous!

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