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Degree Studies

International students can choose from a variety of degree programmes taught in English at the Faculty of Management and Economics. Moreover, students who are successfully admitted to study in a degree programme at the Faculty can also apply for various exchange programmes and spend one or two semesters abroad.


Economics and Management

The programme is designed mainly to introduce students to basic theoretical and general knowledge in various fields of business management. Students have the option to focus on specific aspects of economic and managerial
practices, such as enterprise economics, management, marketing, accounting and taxes, production control and management, finance, and banking, among others. Graduates from this programme possess the requisite knowledge that enables them to work in industrial enterprises, trading companies and financial institutions.


Management and Marketing

This programme introduces students to the areas of enterprise competitiveness, new trends in marketing, new approaches to managerial development, intercultural diversity of education in European cyberspace, commercial law, and differences in the perception of advertising between the lay public and expert and cooperation management.

Business Administration and Entrepreneurship

The programme Business Administration and Entrepreneurship is designed to offer students the opportunity to acquire new knowledge in corporate management, managerial accounting, project management, controlling, logistics and other related disciplines. The aim is to equip students with problem-solving skills to enable them to respond to challenges in the real business environment.


Degree course: Finance
This degree course involves core theoretical and methodological course units focused on finance, students are also trained to practically apply the theoretical knowledge in the field of finance. The degree course includes professional training focused on gaining general knowledge of specific financial management disciplines and skills, corporate finance, money and capital markets, public finance, international accounting (IAS/IFRS), taxation, tax consulting and auditing from the perspective of domestic and foreign environment.


Management and Economics Full-time

Degree course: Management and Economics
In this doctoral course, particular emphasis is laid on the methodology of research activities including the extension of some professional presumptions. Students can conduct research and specialize in management, enterprise economics, marketing, production and technology rationalization. Within this degree course, students can apply for a government scholarship.

Finance Full-time

Degree course: Finance
This degree course enables students to extend their theoretical and methodological knowledge
and problem-solving skills to conduct research in the areas of finance, accounting, banking, capital markets, taxes and other related disciplines. Within this degree course, students can apply for a government scholarship.

Management and Economics Part-time

Finance Part-time


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