Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Department of Management and Marketing

About the Department

The Department of Management and Marketing guarantees you an education in key
managerial, marketing and psychological areas. We collaborate with a stable team
of professors as well as external experts from their field, who connect the necessary theory
with practical insight. Our graduates are therefore destined for success on the labor market.
Employers appreciate practical skills and language skills as well. Therefore, our students can
decide to study course units in English, for instance Principles of Marketing, Advanced
Marketing, Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour, Applied Marketing Research, Human
Resource Management, Business Ethics, Business to Business Marketing and many more.

Thanks to our professional specialization, we can offer in addition to elementary education
of management and marketing also specializations and interesting initiatives which respond to
today´s needs. To succeed on the business market, you should differ from others, which is
possible thanks to attending a specialized course in Design Management which is not offered
everywhere in the Czech Republic, or the course in Healthcare Management. You can
discover your uniqueness, the same as Tomas Bata, in the courses of Bata Management
System and/or History of the Bata Enterprise courses, which transmit wisdom of this great
and successful businessman.

Our goal is to provide you with practical and personal experience through a direct
participation in practical projects during your studies not only within the course unit Project
Management and be active. To mention some interesting projects, there are for instance
practical crowdfunding campaigns, preparation and implementation, marketing events,
fundraising campaigns for non-profit organizations, company projects, etc.

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