Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Department of Physical Training

Gudelines for the Safe Conduct of Sport Activities at TBU in Zlín

1. Students are required to follow the internal operating rules of sports facilities and regulations of individual courses.

2. During lectures, trainings, and other activities, students must always follow the instructions of teachers, instructors, lecturers or course supervisors.

3. Students shall respect the principles of fair play and shall behave in such a way that their conduct would not intentionally harm other students or damage sports equipment.

4. Students are obliged to immediately report to the teacher or sports event supervisor any damage to health, injuries, or even minor injuries, which occurred during sport activities or activities organized by the DPT of TBU in Zlín.

5. Students shall immediately notify of any defect on sports ground which they take notice of and which could jeopardize their safety.

6. Students are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages and other addictive substances before and during all events organized by the DPT of TBU in Zlín.

7. In their own interest, students shall inform the teacher about any diseases or changes in health condition, which could affect their participation in sport activities.

8. Students are required to wear recommended workout clothes, shoes and protective equipment for specific physical activities, and not to wear jewellery such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc.

9. Students should never bring valuables and larger amounts of money to lectures, and neither should they leave them in change rooms.

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