Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Center for Applied Economic Research

About the Department

The Centre for Applied Economic Research (CAEV) focuses on development and strategy implementation of science and research at the FaME. Moreover, it contributes to promoting cooperation with practice, research work and its application into practice in order to strengthen the prestige, internationalization and research and design cooperation of the FaME with other universities, research organizations, companies and stakeholders in the public sector for their mutual benefit as well as cooperate with business and industry in selected areas of basic and applied research.
One of the main goals of the CAEV is to support the preparation process and implementation of both domestic and international scientific projects at the FaME and to improve the quality of these projects, to coordinate the publishing activities of academic staff of the FaME with the aim to increase the number and quality of publication entries, to develop an effective partnership with the companies and public sector by means of various forms of cooperation /offering new educational courses, cooperation with the project Gifted Students, preparation of the pilot project Corporate Scholarship and so on/. Our vision is to become a key factor in competitiveness, cooperation and opportunities for the FaME and how to succeed in meeting the new requirements for the evaluation /and financing/ of universities.
In order to fulfil our mission and goals, we closely work with the academic staff from departments of the FaME as well as with academic staff from other faculties of Tomas Bata University in Zlín, with students and PhD students as well as with partners from various universities, enterprises and organizations in the Zlín region, throughout the Czech Republic and worldwide. Our partner universities can be found in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Finland, Great Britain, USA, etc.

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