Contact Details

Head of Department

prof. Ing. Jaroslav Belás, Ph.D.

Head of CAEV TEL:+420 576 032 418 E-mail: belas@utb.cz Office:U2/428B


Secretary of Department of Finance and Accounting

TEL:+420 576 032 402 E-mail: ufu@fame.utb.cz Office:U2/402

Research Workers

doc. Yuriy Bilan, Ph.D.

E-mail: bilan@utb.cz Office:U2/433

Ing. Zuzana Virglerová, Ph.D.

Projects manager TEL:+420 576 032 418 E-mail: virglerova@utb.cz Office:U2/428B

Project Manager

Project Manager

TEL:+420 576 032 680 Mobile:+420 734 683 311 E-mail: projekty-caev@fame.utb.cz Office:U2/202A

Business Liaison Office

Business Liaison Office

TEL:+420 576 032 807 E-mail: caev@fame.utb.cz Office:U2/534A

Faculties and departments

Faculty of Technology

Faculty of Management and Economics

Faculty of Multimedia Communications

Faculty of Applied Informatics

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management


University Institute


Halls of Residence and Refectory

Tomas Bata University in Zlín