Tomas Bata University in Zlín


Study Opportunities

Bachelor’s degree subjects

Accounting and Tax Office
Accounting and Tax SW
Accounting in English
Banking and Insurance
Banking and Insurance I
Basics of Accounting
Basics of Accounting
Basics of Finance
Basics of International Accounting
Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance
Economics and Accounting for Public Administration
Economics of Public Administration
Financial Accounting I
Financial Accounting II
Financial Laboratory
Financial Markets
Financial Markets and Banking
Financing of Public Administration
Payroll Accounting
Public Finance
Tax and Accounting law
Taxation I
Taxation II
Taxes and Accounting in practice
Taxes of individual entrepreneurs

Master’s degree subjects

Advanced Decision Making
Banking and Insurance II
Corporate Finance II
Corporate Valuation
Dissertation / Thesis Methods (Diploma Seminar)
Economics of Non-profit Organizations
Finance laboratory
Financial Control and Audit in Public Administration
Financial Reporting
Firms and Competitiveness
Health Economics
International Accounting Standards
International Finance
Management of Organizations I
Management of Organizations II
Monetary and Capital Markets
Public Finance
Tax System and Finance law
The Valuation of Enterprises
Value Based Management

Doctoral degree subjects

Accounting Harmonization
Capital Markets, Banking and Insurance
Capital Markets, Banking and Insurance
Harmonization of Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Managerial Finance
Mathematical and statistical methods in Social sciences
Methodology of scientific and research work
Scientific and Research Work Methodology
Tax Systems

Study materials

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